Elderly Care

Ageing is inevitable. It is a natural phenomenon and an intrinsic feature of life. As we age the body undergoes several physiological changes. Increasing age is associated with various illnesses including high blood pressure, diabetes, bone diseases, memory problems, etc.

Maturing individuals likewise will in general show poor Mental Health which is of incredible concern. Upset Mental Health alongside memory issues additionally expands danger of falls and wounds. Since maturing additionally lessens the strength of bone and makes them weak, cracks at a mature age are more hard to treat.

Ayurvedic Classics accept that human body is intended to be shatayushi (live for a very long time) if one follows the correct every day regimens (Din Charyas) that incorporate Abhayanga (Ayurvedic Body Massage), Diet and exercise. Inability to follow a sound way of life prompts advancement of way of life issues, the danger of which increments with age.

Ayurveda presents following treatments for keeping up great wellbeing among old and deal with some age-related sicknesses



A throbbing painfulness of a continuously maturing body can be better overseen by normal Abhyanga.



Padabhyanga is gainful a few medical issues that emerge with expanding age. Padabhyanga is powerful in decreasing throbs and torment in lower limits, loosening up body and mind and furthermore in improving vision.



AyurvedicNasyam treatment can be utilized in issues that create with expanding age like agony, loss of motion, stress and so on


Greeva Basti

Suggested for Pain Management in conditions, for example, cervical spondylosis, solid neck and torment because of strong strain.


Kati Basti

Maturing expands the danger of enduring bone sicknesses like joint pain, osteoporosis or spine infections. Kati Basti assists with reinforcing the musculature and grease up the joint.


Janu Basti

JanuBasti is essentially utilized in Pain Management in conditions, for example, osteoArthritis of knee joints, osteoporosis, and Arthritis of knee joints and persistent agony of the knee joints.


Spine Basti

Torment the executives of spine and age related agony issues, for example, spondylosis, Arthritis and so on

Sneha Basti

Sneha Vasti

It is utilized in treatment of agony conditions such age related torment issues as lower spinal pain, gout and stiffness.

Kashaya Vasti

Kashaya Vasti

Can soothe a throbbing painfulness related with age.